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Manage Identity, Access Risk and Compliance for AWS and Azure
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idGenius Crucial Cloud is a full-stack cloud protection platform that holistically secures organizational data, information, and assets in the public cloud. The cloud-native SaaS platform uses AI and machine learning to identify, correlate, monitor, audit, and alert on security and compliance events across public cloud environments. Crucial Cloud provides enterprises with deep visibility, cloud identity and access management, network security governance, as well as compliance assurance across public clouds that includes Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Key challenges in securing the cloud

Public cloud environments are subject to continuous attacks on a daily basis. Microsoft alone detects a concerning 1.5 million attacks per day targeting its Azure cloud platform. Inherently, the dynamic nature of public cloud platforms presents costly challenges:

  • The native security tools from cloud providers don’t cater to enterprise security needs
  • Breaches can go undetected for months in complex cloud environments
  • Cloud migration reduces visibility, making access management more challenging
  • The cloud thins the lines between security, DevOps, and resource boundaries
  • Most cloud security breaches are due to resource misconfiguration
  • New threat actors and malware are becoming more sophisticated

Crucial Cloud’s full-stack protection capabilities provide the necessary security and compliance guardrails to protect organizational resources in a public cloud environment.


  • Visibility and inventory of cloud assets and resource utilization
  • Identify “Who Has Access To What” across ALL cloud resources
  • Identify and remediate high risk and inappropriate cloud access
  • Identify and remediate inappropriate asset configurations
  • Identify and remediate anomalous and suspicious network activity
  • Continuous learning for security and compliance-related behavior


  • Reduced financial risk due to security breaches
  • Reduce risk around non-employees / third-parties
  • Reduced security operations associated with manual and redundant activity
  • Reduced cost of compliance reporting
  • Reduced time and resources related to meeting compliance mandates such as NIST, PCI, SOC 2, HIPAA and GDPR

The current state of third party risk management is filled with blind-spots, especially around managing non-employee / third-party identities. The idGenius solution provides patent-pending, purpose-built, TRUSTED IDENTITY MANAGEMENT that is tailored to the unique challenges associated with operating in an extended environment.

The holistic platform enables organizations and their vendors, partners, and agencies to effectively navigate and reduce non-employee third-party risks.

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