Data-driven Employee Identity & Access Management

Identity and access management systems (IAM) protect critical applications and other resources by verifying people seeking access.

Improve Legacy Employee Workforce Identity Management

Identity and Access Governance (IGA) solutions have enabled organizations to automate tedious access certifications, review initiatives and other labor-intensive data analysis. Often, these solutions are not designed to process the sheer volume of data by relying solely on relational databases. Newer, better, faster technologies are available to perform these analytic functions.

  • Outdated and difficult to use identity management systems are not built for machine learning, historical context, or deep analytical insight.  
  • Without the right tools, the IAM team struggles to be effective and gaps begin to form in the IAM process.
  • Poor data governance and manual workflows increase the risks of granting excess access to incorrect users.

Our Modern Employee Identity Solution

An analytics-driven insight into identities, a keen awareness of ever-changing cyber threats, and business context to identify risks and protect assets accordingly.  Our fast, scalable solution enables a risk-based approach for access certifications and approvals.

  • Data visualization for role mining and advanced identity analytics with threat protection.
  • Reduce review fatigue and “rubber stamped” access.
  • Implement identity analytics to drive risk-based approvals and policy enforcement.
  • Sync identities with network and access real-time and historical analytics.

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