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idGenius Collaborate enables organizations to gain individual level visibility and control for all Non-Employee / Third-Party Identities.

Risk Management is the ability to quantify, measure, accept, avoid, transfer, or mitigate risk. Effective Third-Party Risk Management requires both organizational and individual level visibility to appropriately and holistically manage risk.

idGenius serves as the single, trusted, and authoritative source for all non-employee individuals as well as digitally connected corporate assets.

Product Highlights:

Evidence-based Third-Party Risk Management

  • Before engaging non-employees, idGenius Collaborate performs the essential function of verifying and qualifying their identity and background based on known and gathered information

Automate and Optimize Businesses Processes

  • idGenius Collaborate enables enterprises and governments to leverage external vendors in support of managing the business processes and lifecycle events associated with Non-Employees / Third-Party Identities
  1. Engage
  2. Change
  3. Disengage
  4. Reengage

Go Passwordless

  • idGenius Collaborate provides passwordless access solutions for Customers, Non-Employees and Third-Parties
  • Make data-driven run-time decisions that force step-up authentication

Compliance driven customer single sign-up

  • idGenius Collaborate provides a secure and intuitive self-registration process for Customers, Non-Employees and Third-Parties
  • Take (Know Your Customer) KYC and (Know Your Patient) KYP mandates head on.  idGenius is passwordless, and the secure self-registration process kicks off the beginning of the identity lifecycle and risk management process

Comprehensive Data Ingestion

  • idGenius Collaborate is purpose built to ingest vast amounts of structured or un-structured data from multiple disparate sources.  
  • idGenius Collaborate leverages existing investments in traditional IAM and is the basis for invoking downstream access provisioning, enforcement, and governance
  • idGenius Collaborate also integrates with leading third-party risk management solutions in order to source organizational data and risk metrics that are correlated to each identity's overall risk score  

Single Authoritative Identity Source to Manage Security, Risk and Compliance

  • idGenius establishes a single authoritative source for any and all third-party / non-employee individuals. Lifecycle – engage, change, disengage, and reengage
  • idGenius Collaborate securely manages engagement, authentication and entitlements throughout the third-party / non-employee lifecycle


  • Secure and intuitive self-registration process for any identity
  • Collaboration platform with security controls for non-employees / third-parties
  • Holistic third-party data ingestion and transfer to external systems
  • Single authoritative data source for non-employee identities
  • Standardized processes to manage the third-party lifecycle events: engage, change, disengage, and even re-engage
  • Configurable workflows to model, automate, and optimize business processes
  • Configurable notifications, approvals and escalation
  • Easy to build, wizard-driven user form creation

The current state of third-party risk management is filled with blind-spots, especially around managing non-employee / third-party identities. The idGenius solution provides patent-pending, purpose-built, TRUSTED IDENTITY MANAGEMENT that is tailored to the unique challenges associated with operating in an extended environment.

The holistic platform enables organizations and their vendors, partners, and agencies to effectively navigate and reduce non-employee third-party risks.

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