Cloud identity and access management

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Third-Party IAM
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Identity Analytics Platform
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Cloud Access Risk and Compliance
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Engage with employees from Day Zero and remove barriers to collaboration.  Real-time and historical data for access management will reduce compliance costs and empower employees.

  • Passwordless enterprise identity and access management
  • A secure solution to handle the employee lifecycle events (Joiner, Mover and Leaver) to safeguard sensitive data while affording the least privilege access required for job performance
  • Eliminate Access Review Fatigue - Employ a Risk Based Access Governance model
  • Identify anomalous and suspicious behavior
  • Create efficient and accurate job roles that provide the right level of access and information
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Implement an identity management solution for non-employee individuals and digital corporate assets such as service accounts, IoT devices and bots. Enable cross-organizational collaboration to increase data quality and reduce problems.

  • Create an authoritative source for all non-employee Identities
  • Perform the necessary identity related due diligence  
  • Manage all identity lifecycle events for humans and assets (Engage, Change, Disengage, Reengage)
  • Automate Risk Management from Identity Inception, Access Assignments and Usage through project completion
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customer Identity management

Secure customer engagement begins with easy and intuitive Single Sign Up. AML/KYC requirements can be easily managed and audited by leveraging new AI-based Identity Proofing that provides a higher level of confidence. Increase sales intelligence with rich multi-source data to drive pertinent real-time customer transactions.  Take a pro-active stance to detect and respond to fraudulent access attempts.

  • Provide a simple self-registration process for a frictionless customer experience and increased accuracy every time
  • Manage customer lifecycle events to improve loyalty and reduce customer churn
  • Leverage Social Media and public api data to enhance the customer view
  • Create rich first party data while respecting privacy settings
  • Eliminate passwords
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