Customer Identity AND Access Management (CIAM)

Identify and engage customers through frictionless experiences to drive revenue.

Anomalix possesses the experience and expertise to solve the most complex customer identity access management (CIAM) challenges within an organization. Whether it's security, customer convenience, or sales and marketing analytics, our team can create a CIAM program that will scale with your business..

Typical Customer Identity Challenges

The intent of any identity access management system is to provide a secure and compliant platform for registrants. But too often the customer’s responsibility of an organization’s identity management program is disjointed.

  • Frustrating user experiences result in low customer retention and traffic.
  • Customer data is spread out across multiple disparate CRM repositories.
  • Poor customer relationships due to too many points of entry.
  • Existing sales channels obstruct the line of sight into the actual customers as the distributors and middle-men broker the transaction.

Improving Customer Engagement

Our solutions improve the customer self-service experience to increase customer retention and traffic.  Easily manage customer data, merge disparate digital identities, and increase data quality. Elevate sales and marketing campaigns with real-time customer insights.

  • Use Identity and Data Governance to offer compliant customer engagement with rich privacy control.
  • Personalize customer interactions with targeted sales campaigns to drive revenue.
  • Create a reliable self-registration process and allow customers to leverage existing Social Media, Local Accounts or other industry standards as credentials.

Customer Identity Data & Compliance Solutions

Compliant, secure access management is the foundation for protecting and expanding your company’s reputation in a competitive landscape.  As the importance of client intelligence continues to grow, collecting data that is unique to your customer’s experience can be leveraged throughout the organization to create opportunities.

  • Gain real-time customer insights by consolidating the customer, their transactions, their preferences and other attributes to define the customer relationship.
  • Improve customer data by centralizing identities and integrating with CRM and MDM systems.
  • Manage customer data to improve your data quality and reduce duplicates.
  • Access governance including compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, PCI & SOC2 data protection standards.

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