End Result

  • Improved Sales & Marketing campaign results by 30%
  • Reduced abandonment rate by 70%
  • Reduced the cost of consumer regulatory & compliance by 90%
  • 100% ROI in the first 12 months

Client Background – Multi-National Manufacturing Company

The Client engaged Anomalix to develop a comprehensive solution to identify consumers and engage them through frictionless conversions. Existing sales channels obstructed line of sight into the actual consumers as the distributors and players like Amazon and Ali Baba would broker the transaction. The Client’s customer data was spread out across multiple disparate instances of Salesforce and other custom CRM repositories; there were too many “front doors” and no relationship with the consumers themselves. The CMO requested an authoritative repository for the supply chain, customers and consumers.

How We Helped

Anomalix worked with the Client to establish one “front door” by constructing an authoritative source for customer and consumer data across 5 distinct Lines of Business/Brands. A roadmap was adopted and implemented to improve CRM and MDM data by centralizing identities and integrating with Applications, CRM and MDM data to increase data quality and reduce duplicates. With additional analytical enrichment, Anomalix was able to improve CRM and MDM data, which led to more effective and successful sales and marketing campaigns as the Client was able to personalize every interaction, at the time of the interaction.

Targeted campaigns incentivized consumers to register establishing an identity presence. The friction-less self-registration process enabled consumers and customers to leverage Social Media, Local Accounts or industry standards as credentials when responding to campaigns. Anomalix provided a single view into the consumers, their interactions, their, preferences and other important attributes that define the consumer relationship. It also enabled the Client to efficiently produce user consent and privacy reports when required for audit and compliance purposes. The Client’s comprehensive view of the consumer not only enabled a meaningful way to engage consumers, but effective methods of identifying net new revenue opportunities.

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Consumer Identity and Access Management
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