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The modern enterprise faces unprecedented new and emerging challenges:

  • Reliance on Third-Parties is at its absolute highest since World War II
  • Industry 4.0 and efforts to digitize business and government models are now a mandate to sustain operations as impacts from COVID-19 have demonstrated to the world that remote workers are here to stay
  • Social Media presents new opportunities and new challenges to promote and preserve brand values
  • The expanding remote workforce (employees, non-employees, third-parties) introduces new operational and digital risk
  • Cloud migration strategies are critical and expedited business objectives in order to establish and effectively sustain remote operations
  • The lines are blurring between: Security, IAM, GRC, SIEM and DevOps (both on-premise, and in the cloud)
  • Threat actors and malware continue to become increasingly sophisticated while there are few solutions that employ a zero trust model
  • Requirements to conform to an ever-expanding list of corporate and government compliance reporting standards

Anomalix’s idGenius platform is a patent-pending, AI-based cloud platform that empowers organizations to leverage Identity Analytics to solve critical Industry Problems across various aspects of digital and operational functions.  From Identity inception through access assignment and usage, idGenius empowers organizations to start with a Trusted Identity that can then be managed for identity lifecycles, access management, governance, risk and compliance reporting.

Additionally, idGenius empowers Single Sign Up for customer compliance mandated self-registration and identity proofing.  idGenius also performs necessary due diligence and identity de-duplication across existing CRM and MDM records––consolidation that provides API-based marketing and sales intelligence.  idGenius also enables sales and marketing intelligence by not only establishing the identity but also managing the associated lifecycle events.

idGenius exposes the power of its AI-based big data analytics in three powerful patent-pending solutions:

  • idGenius Collaborate - empowers organizations to capture and automate the business process associated with non-employee / third-party resourcing and management to improve business efficiencies and empower a zero trust risk model
  • idGenius USI - enables the combined benefits of data unification, downstream synchronization, and intelligent analysis of identities, their organizational relationships to the organization (employees, non-employees, customers), lifecycle events, access, access usage and their associated risk or opportunity for the enterprise
  • idGenius Crucial Cloud - gain access visibility and control of organizational resources in the cloud.  Reduce the cost and the financial risk that can result from identity fraud, misuse of access, network breaches and misconfiguration of resources.


idGenius offers AI/ML based dynamic and polymorphic threat detection by using continuous machine learning, graph analysis, behavior analytics, and data visualization. The solution builds upon the user behavior analytics profile of any Identity (Human and Non-Human) through a multidimensional lens that combines the power of idGenius USI, idGenius Collaborate, and idGenius Crucial Cloud.

1. Collaborate – Empower the business to manage non-employee / third party risk

idGenius Collaborate enables organizations their vendors, partners, and agencies to navigate business approved processes and manage third-party risks holistically. idGenius Collaborate serves as a single authoritative source for non-employee individuals and other connected assets. Enterprises can achieve better business outcomes by leveraging the platform’s configurable workflows to standardize third party / non-employee lifecycle events and their associated risk to the organization.  The events for Third Party Non-Employee lifecycles include: Engage, Change, Disengage and Reengage.

  • Secure third-party collaboration: Collaborate is a cost-efficient solution to mitigate third-party risks. It specifically does this by securely managing the identity and access lifecycle events to securely engage with external vendors and delegates.
  • Evidence-based third-party risk management: The solution offers  comprehensive third-party risk management along with identity proofing, social media proofing, background checks, and project/work history proofing.

2.  USI – Establish Rich and Trustworthy Identity data from multiple sources to manage lifecycles for Non-Employees/Third Party Individuals from pre to post engagement

USI offers advanced big data ingestion, unification, synchronization, and intelligence of identity and access data. With USI, organizations can leverage centralized visibility and management of all identities, including employees, customers, and third-party ‘non-employees’. USI automatically evaluates access usage and network activity to compute risk levels tied to each enterprise’s risk tolerance strategies .

  • Fast, scalable data ingestion: USI ingests both structured and unstructured data to gain deep insights from user access. It supports cloud-based and on-premise heterogeneous data sources such as: HR repositories like PeopleSoft, Workday, Active Directory, and more; LDAP repositories, RDBMS repositories, File System repositories, Existing IAM systems, SIEM solutions, CRM and ERP systems, Contractor/1099 Worker Databases, TPRM/VMS, GRC systems, CSV/TXT/XLS Files.
  • Advanced intelligence: USI employs an AI/ML based analytics engine that uniquely relies on highly trustworthy consolidated Identity data. This intelligence empowers sales and marketing teams to quickly and easily identify redundant spend on campaigns. Social Media insights enable USI to identify customer intelligence activities including interest, relationships, and buying patterns.  

3.   Crucial Cloud – Total protection for Cloud (and on-premise) Environments

Crucial Cloud is the solution to overcome limitations of traditional tools and “point solutions” for cloud security, risk and compliance management. Crucial Cloud empowers enterprises to combine multiple traditional technical and operational disciplines into a single solution. Crucial Cloud helps organizations consolidate traditional tools to managing security, app dev, devops, iam, grc, and siem into a single solution.

  • Identity and access management: The cloud security solution comprehensively protects the identity of consumers, employees, applications, services, and connected assets. Security teams can prioritize high-value, high-risk resources and accounts to manage role-based least-privilege access to cloud resources.
  • Compliance support: Crucial Cloud’s continuous learning and monitoring provide organizations with a holistic view of their compliance posture in real-time and ensure compliance to regulations as well as standards like: PCI, GDPR, HIPAA, NIST, SOC2, and more.


idGenius provides dynamic analytical models that enterprises can adjust and refine for their use cases:

  • World’s only solution for end-to-end automated risk management
  • Reduce Risk associated with third parties and non-employees
  • Proactively and Intelligently Manage any Identity Lifecycle
  • Analytical insight for sales and marketing teams on user behavior
  • Social Media Customer and Consumer intelligence
  • Security operations management powered by analytics
  • Vulnerability detection, user behavior analytics, and threat detection
  • Policy enforcement and compliance support
  • Fraud prevention, identity validation, and risk mitigation
  • Visibility into operational risk models
  • Improve security and audit readiness
  • Improve operational efficiency

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