The purpose of this document is to articulate Anomalix’s Cloud and On-premise Managed Identity Services offering.  Anomalix’s Identity as a Service is a cloud-based managed service that provides a cost-effective alternative to in-house Identity and Access Management (IAM) operations and administration. Anomalix’s IDaaS solution eliminates hardware, software and human capital costs from the security equation. The value proposition is a lower total cost of ownership, faster time to market and increased flexibility to focus on business initiatives instead of operational and administrative overhead.

Anomalix Overview

Founded in 2013, Anomalix has been a leader in the Identity Management (Access, Governance and Lifecycle) space.  With over 25 trained and certified billable consultants, Anomalix has completed numerous successful deployments of Identity Management Systems that have yielded triple digit returns (ROI) for our clients.   In 2016, Anomalix partnered with Microsoft to become a certified Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (MCSP) and has announced a Managed Identity Service in Microsoft’s Azure environment. Anomalix’s deep subject matter expertise simplifies and reduces costs associated with IAM programs, hardware, software and personnel, not to mention the inherent risk associated to any project that requires organizational change management.  Anomalix Professional Services works with our clients to expose business drivers and technical requirements.  Those drivers are mapped into a proprietary, industry-tested maturity model, exposing risk vs. reward ratios to help guide business decisions. Clients are supported from Visibility to Analytics to meet IAM program objectives. The Anomalix Managed Identity Services offering allows our customers to have better predictability and control of the associated operational costs and direct ties back to investment objectives.  Anomalix’s Azure based Managed Identity Services offering goes beyond the technology and incorporates full IAM Program Management for clients who are incapable or unwilling to own the staff and overhead of day-to-day administration and operations.  Anomalix Program Management capabilities are inclusive of Discovery, Planning, Execution, Operations, and Support.  The Anomalix Managed Identity Service is subscription based and inclusive of Anomalix proprietary technology and services.  Reporting and Notification capabilities enable our clients to identify what should be resolved by Anomalix Professional Services resources and when.  Additionally, Anomalix continues to offer on-premise Managed Identity Services capabilities to meet customer requirements.

Anomalix Managed Services

  • Lower Costs
  • Increase Agility and Flexibility
  • Improve Access and Governance visibility and control

Anomalix Managed Identity Services Capabilities

‍In addition to building and maintaining your Identity Management infrastructure, Anomalix Identity Managed Services provides the following ongoing capabilities:

  • On-premise or Cloud based Managed Identity Services
  • Quick integration leveraging industry standards such SAML, SPML and OAuth
  • 8/5 or 24x7 availability support models
  • Tiered infrastructure options to support small, medium and large enterprises
  • Daily Environment Monitoring and Health Check with a Report including:
  • Verify that all required collectors are running successfully to Verify that Access Request, Access Certification and Automated Provisioning services are running 
  • Identify any requests in error state to Identify any unassigned review items 
  • Verify that scheduled Custom Workflows have been triggered
  • Verify File Shares have been updated to Verify daily DB backup was successful
  • Provide and facilitate data gathering requirements
  • Provide process documentation and activity checklists
  • Perform daily analysis for known security threats and vulnerabilities
  • Product Upgrades
  • Hot Fixes and Patch Application

Level 1 triage of outages and issues

  •  Communicate and escalate the error to the technical Point of Contact to Perform initial error log analysis to Provide potential causes and/or solutions

Level 2 triage of outages and issues

  • Perform necessary system changes to implement supported fixes
  • Advanced Database and Application Server Troubleshooting
  • Advanced Operating System administration tasks
  • In depth log file and error trace reviews

Level 3 triage of outages and issues

  • Support Case Management
  • Anomalix Analytic Services
  • Access Revocation analysis
  • Dormant Account analysis
  • Orphan Account analysis
  • Service Account analysis
  • Out of Band Access analysis
  • Failed Authentications
  • Role Quality
  • Strategic IAM Program Check Points annually
  • Data and Application Collection Support
  • Access Certification Campaign administration and reporting

Anomalix Managed Services

Day to Day Operations including:

  • Infrastructure sizing and upgrades
  • Environment development
  • Application and Data Integration
  • Ongoing Administration
  • 24/7 Support

Anomalix’s Managed Identity Service Reference Architecture

Anomalix Managed Identity Services provides a secure, highly available, and resilient architecture to ensure system security, integrity, and uptime. In addition to a client-specific “private cloud”, each instance is protected by Anomalix managed vulnerability scanning and security event management software. Both end-user access as well as data collection is performed via a site-to-site VPN gateway between client infrastructure and Microsoft Azure. Anomalix’s Managed Identity Service Deliverables Anomalix will perform all daily Identity Governance and Lifecycle administration and operations tasks:

  • Identity Administration and Operations
  • Identity Federation/SSO
  • Automated Access Provisioning Maintenance
  • Access Certification Maintenance
  • Access Request Maintenance
  • Business Roles and Peer Groups Maintenance
  • Cloud and On-premise Application Integration Maintenance
  • Identity Risk and Intelligence Reports
  • Daily Health Check operations and reporting
  • Issue Identification and root cause analysis
  • Manage day-to-day operations and administration
  • Strategic Roadmap Check Points
  • Perform Level 1, 2 & 3 support case triage
  • Weekly and Monthly roll up reports across Identity Analytics
  • IAM Program Management
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