Strategies can facilitate digital operations

As we enter a new age of industrial revolution, manufacturing organizations are relying on digitalization and data transparency in value chains are disrupting traditional sourcing, production and logistics.

Smart data processes and interactions are enabling both flexible pricing and on-demand delivery. However most organizations are not prepared to manage the exponential increase in data as IT operations move closer to the market and customers.

A platform is required to support digital operations, IoT, data ownership and data exchange. Innovation strategies must consider consumer behavior, preferences as the foundation for next generation marketing. As consumer demands for customization continue to grow, organizations must leverage social media and IoT data. Further consumers are demanding and more engaged than ever when it comes to the traceability of goods, particularly in the food sector. Retail execution must work in tandem with manufacturing to track and monitor performance based on displays, availability pricing and sales promotions.

Identity and Data Governance strategies can facilitate digital operations as well as customer and consumer engagement.