Financial Services

Financial service providers are faced with increasing competition and regulatory demands, financial services organizations are finding themselves caught between two conflicting aims: innovation and security. They’re feeling the pressure to offer convenient access to services and applications to both their customers and employees. On the other hand, they must manage the risk of data breach and ensure compliance with a long list list of regulations.

You must innovate to remain competitive but there are additional risks to manage. Enterprise security must remain a core focus, as exposing more digital touchpoints and access to resources creates additional entry points for hackers and criminals to exploit. This can, in turn, increase the potential for identity theft, account takeover or fraud.

Those financial service providers who prioritize both innovation and security are positioned for competitive advantage.  It begins with identity. When entrusted with people’s money, you must make sure individuals are who they say they are before giving them access to financial instruments and systems. Identity and Access Management (IAM) helps you ensure only the right people have access to the right things. Using technologies like secure single sign-on (SSO) and adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA), IAM gives you the confidence that both your customers’ and your enterprise’s security is managed to the greatest potential. At the same time, identity and access management enables you to confidently move forward with—even accelerate—your digital transformation initiatives. When you have the assurance that your customers are who they claim to be, you’re empowered to give them the same type of convenient access and engaging experiences that they get from their favorite retailers and tech providers. And you’re able to give employees access from anywhere at any time, maximizing their efficiency and productivity.


Productive and innovative collaborations are starting to take place in the cloud as the healthcare industry continues to digitize. This creates opportunities to build better foundations for patient care, but it creates a complex ecosystem of compliance considerations, security risks, and costs. Healthcare has traditionally lagged behind other industries when it comes to leveraging the cloud. Many healthcare systems are impeded by legacy systems, fragmented IT, and cumbersome applications. Companies may have modernized with electronic medical records, but still don’t have the processes in place to ensure these records are secure and that data collection is compliant. When partner companies share apps and sensitive patient data across organizations and directories, this only further serves to complicate systems and put companies — and their patients — at risk of a data breach. This is where Identity and Access Management is essential. With the right approach, healthcare companies are redefining the industry: setting new standards for on-demand patient care, bringing much needed services to all corners of the world, and connecting partner organizations to better serve those in need — all while complying with HIPAA regulations and protecting important patient data.


As we enter a new age of industrial revolution, manufacturing organizations are relying on digitalization and data transparency in value chains are disrupting traditional sourcing, production and logistics.  Smart data processes and interactions are enabling both flexible pricing and on-demand delivery.  However most organizations are not prepared to manage the exponential increase in data as IT operations move closer to the market and customers.  A platform is required to support digital operations, IoT, data ownership and data exchange.  Innovation strategies must consider consumer behavior, preferences as the foundation for next generation marketing.  As consumer demands for customization continue to grow, organizations must leverage social media and IoT data.  Further consumers are demanding and more engaged than ever when it comes to the traceability of goods, particularly in the food sector. Retail execution must work in tandem with manufacturing to track and monitor performance based on displays, availability pricing and sales promotions.   Identity and Data Governance strategies can facilitate digital operations as well as customer and consumer engagement.  


We assist technology companies to increase security and ship more secure products faster and accelerate product development. Free up your team to focus on differentiating features by leveraging an identity platform as your complete solution for user management, authentication, and authorization. Protect against data breaches.  Access is the first line of defense. Make sure that the right people have access to the right resources at the right time with the certainty that they are who they say they are. Build cloud-first, mobile-first IT. Help your team build the future with the best tools available. We know how to make it easy to harness the potential of cloud and mobile without compromising on security.


As the world relies heavily on the supply and security of energy, any disruption in the supply chain, exploration, development, production and distribution can have far reaching and devastating impacts. Disruptive strategies such as rooftop solar, electric vehicles and energy storage is shifting energy innovation outside of utilities and creating a new ecosystem.  Further, energy technology consumerization is propelling digital transformation of utilities and enabling provisioning models, such as the sharing economy and transactive energy.  Protecting access to devices, people and data requires a holistic security approach that establishes enterprise wide visibility and control.  


With higher education representing a large percent of all reported data breaches – second only to the medical industry – security should be a fundamental concern for colleges and universities. Provide secure, simplified access to your dynamic user population while protecting your institution from threats. Easily manage large, constantly changing user populations and minimize disruption while ensuring efficient user access to the resources they need. Reduce workload and human error, overcome security challenges and unify administration of your hybrid AD environment. Quickly respond to changing regulations, evolving user populations and new technologies, while reducing helpdesk costs and administrative overhead. Our services and solutions can help to ensure a first-class student (and staff) experience regardless of how diverse or extensive your user base. You can better protect personal, financial, research and academic data; simplify and secure access to systems and data; and achieve compliance.


Government agencies face unique technology challenges in today’s world, including complex legacy IT systems, antiquated processes and a prohibitive legislative budgeting cycle. Because of these challenges, many agencies are looking for creative new approaches to overcome the obstacles preventing adoption of the latest technologies driving transformation in the U.S. economy. Governments face the need to serve citizens better with increased security and reduced cost. Tens of millions of dollars could be saved if governments adopted better identity and access management (IAM) solutions. When you use best practices for authentication and digitalization of traditional services, you can accomplish some highly effective and beneficial services. When moving your services to the digital world, identities really matter. By using the appropriate level of authentication, you should be able move practically any service to the online world.

See what intiative specific solutions look like

Increase Sales

A new approach is needed to connect with customers and consumers, store and collect a rich user profile based on first-party data and retain customers through meaningful engagement, loyalty rewards and protection of privacy.

Collaborate With Partners

Maintain total control of factors, identity, applications, and resources with insight into your access risk. Optimize end-user experience by selecting from custom developed, personalized, or out-of-the-box partner portal view. All of this allows a better partner experience.

Protect Against Insider Threats

Malicious or benign, intentional or accidental, data loss from the inside is a serious threat. Offer an end-to-end solution for data security in the Cloud that can identify, react and respond quickly to security threats leveraging authentication and endpoint data.

Operational Risk and Compliance Management

The ultimate goal is to reduce the likelihood and impact of negative events, lost opportunities, and surprises and to increase the probability that your objectives will be met, in order to maximize the performance of your business.

Business Transformation

Move to modernize your IT by creating one architecture for your identity needs that integrates with IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS and is configurable by administrators and developers. Results will bring flexibility and efficiency through modern enterprise IT.

M&A Agility

User information exists in multiple sources during and after M&A integration. With segmented data, it is difficult to keep information consistent and to synchronize from one source to another. Reduce hassle with a central repository of identities that can be mastered from any number of places

Protect Against Fraud

Poor access control management leaves people with access to everything. Authentication strategies haven’t evolved. To combat fraud you must centralize Identity, enable strong authentication and reduce attack surface, and enable visibility and response.

Cloud and Mobile

Aging on-premise IT inhibits growth because it’s difficult to scale, there is lack of expertise to maintain outdated on-premise infrastructure, and aging technology and limited budgets mean security vulnerabilities. Consider a responsive cloud-based IT that enables a more effective workforce.