User Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

Establish a holistic view of risk and attack

Traditional identity and security products are not designed for a boundless enterprise where Identity has become the new perimeter.  Technologies like mobility, cloud, BYOD and IoT are changing the security landscape.

Below are ways that advance security. 

Insider Threat Detection - Using risk-based analytics, data mining and anomaly detection help security teams to profile insiders using HR records, access events, and behavior profile. Immediately spot anomalous and malicious behavior that can lead to data theft and inappropriate access.

Data Exfiltration - Leveraging risk-based analytics and access behavior to identify the origin of access and prevent security breaches.  Peer group modeling is updated in real-time to identify actions that are anomalous and suspicious. 

Fraud Detection and Prevention - Risk-based analytics enable prediction and prevention of fraud.  Safeguard valuable organizational and customer data by spotting suspicious behavior.   

How does identity affect security?

The traditional perimeter is disappearing. And you cannot protect what you cannot see. Identity has become the new attack vector. A modern security strategy needs to start with Identity of people, devices, applications, services and data.