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Anomalix Managed Identity Services

The purpose of this document is to articulate Anomalix’s Cloud and On-premise Managed Identity Services offering. Anomalix’s Identity as a Service is a cloud-based managed service that provides a cost effective alternative to in-house Identity and Access Management (IAM) operations and administration.

Anomalix Enables Secure Office 365 Access

Anomalix helps organizations achieve visibility and control over business and compliance-sensitive resources for the entire enterprise user base. This grants insight into user access and a holistic pathway to ensure that proper access is available to the right people at the right time and in an auditable fashion.

Anomalix Enables Service Now Provisioning Integration

ServiceNow is a leader in the access request, incident management, and IT ticketing space. While it provides extensive capabilities around the generation and management of user access requests, completing the last mile of automated provisioning can be challenging for organizations of all sizes.

Anomalix IAG for Financial Services

IAG comprises information security, risk management, business operations,
and compliance controls that ensure the correct individuals have access to the appropriate resources, and that access has been properly approved, provisioned, monitored, and reviewed.

Anomalix IAG for Healthcare

Over two-thirds of Healthcare organizations do not have a well-de ned IAG program.
As such, many Healthcare providers and payers struggle with data breaches caused by unauthorized access and general oversight into who has access to their sensitive data.

Identity Management Assessment

Founded in 2013, Anomalix has been a leader in the Identity Management (Access, Governance and Lifecycle) space. Anomalix has completed numerous successful deployments of Identity Management Systems
that have yielded triple-digit returns (ROI) for our clients.

IdGenius for IAG

Identity and Access Governance (IAG) solutions on the market today fall short of providing more than an entitlement catalogue and provisioning automation, thereis no historical context or understanding of access usage. Organizations that are using automated access reviews find themselves facing review fatigue, where every entitlement is being reviewed quarterly.

IdGenius Overview

The traditional Identity and Access Management space has been dominated by reactive business drivers: gathering data on an periodic basis, setting up rules to add or remove access if a job role changes, generating reviews and reports for periodic audits, etc. The proliferation of user access across multiple, disparate systems combined with the increased sophistication in potential attackers makes controlling entitlements and permissions more important than ever before.