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A Business-Driven Project Approach to Security and Identity Management

Identity Management initiatives and implementations are highly complex by nature and require integration and peripheral skills to insure optimal investment returns in an expected time frame. The integration skills are both business and technical in nature and often require coordinating with Human Resources, Information Security, Application Owners, Risk Owners and Data Stewards to agree on a standard for data responsibility and process flow. Equally challenging on the technical front, the effective deployment of an Enterprise Security initiative requires business process orchestration and executive support. Furthermore, the threat landscape is constantly evolving and most organizations are not prepared to identify, respond and remediate risks and vulnerabilities. To address threats, risks and vulnerabilities Anomalix offers real-time, round the clock Managed Security Services.

It all starts with business drivers. Anomalix works diligently to identify, analyze, and implement the drivers:

Security, Risk and Compliance
  • Ensure regulatory and compliance mandates are met
  • User and Access Visibility
  • Periodic and Event driven access certification
  • Secure access to business and compliant relevant systems and data
  • Manage Identity lifecycle events such as Joiners, Movers and Leavers
  • Segregation of Duty policy enforcement

Reduce Costs and Improve Productivity
  • Reduce IT support call volume
  • Reduce the amount of manual security and access administration
  • Protecting Business Reputation
  • Improve productivity and user engagement

End-User Experience
  • Simplify the number of user credentials that need to be managed
  • Provide a seamless end-user experience across multiple product and service offering from varying sources
  • Reduce user initiated access request changes
  • Enable end-users to manage their passwords and profile

Once the drivers are well understood, Anomalix aggregates the business drivers to design an end-state solution. Anomalix’s hybrid (waterfall and agile-based) implementation methodology begins with a design phase that captures the overall goals, but remains fluid throughout the project. Functional areas of value are identified and delivered in project sprints and build upon one another. Often times, the design phase is referred to as the blueprint for the solution and while the design is well understood and prioritized when exiting this phase, requirements are often subject to change. These design changes are to be expected throughout the project, particularly in the first rollout of new functionality. Again, this is often attributed to the complexity and far-reaching nature of Identity Management.