Access Request & Approval and Automated Provisioning

Automated user access provisioning makes it easy to manage access changes throughout user lifecycle events described as joiner, mover, and leaver. By applying governance policies to all provisioning processes, you enable the “least privilege” model to ensure the appropriate access to systems, applications and data across cloud, on-premise and mobile environments are afforded to the appropriate users at the appropriate time. You can also confidently allow business users to make self-service access requests, which ARE AUTOMATICALLY evaluated against established (sod) policies to prevent violations and maintain security and compliance posture.

All requests are broken down to three distinct steps:

Step 1: Intuitive Access Request Forms

Create intuitive access request forms to improve and streamline the end-user experience when requesting access to physical and logical enterprise resources. Integration with ServiceNow (as the request UI or service request source) makes it possible to combine end-user experience along with audit history and fulfillment automation.

Step 2: Access Request – Approvals Workflow

Approval workflows are typically based on your organizational preferences and governance criteria. Flowchart various approval workflows in the UI, not programmatically, will shave significant time off your projects.

Step 3: Access Request – Fulfillment Processes

Where do you want these requests to go? Should reports or emails get sent to certain email boxes depending on which application access is being requested for? Should all requests get sent to Service Now (or other ticketing system)? Looking to automate the fulfillment change in real-time? Auto provisioning enables quick and easy integration with Cloud and On Premise applications that improve audit and security, while reduce the cost access change operations.